Soul Retrieval

Explore your soul landscape, heal old wounds and claim your divine right to wholeness. Each session is unique to the individual, as there are many shamanic techniques that may be called upon to bring about healing. Often times in the initial session, we will begin the work with Soul Retrieval. These sessions will work through past wounds, outdated patterns that no longer serve your highest good, and reconnect with parts of the soul that are missing due to trauma. Awakening your own innate power is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself! Through shamanic healing practices, we can access the inner wisdom that drives us, heals us, and gives us new direction when we’re grounded in our authentic self. With authenticity, comes wholeness.

In a session, I may use other tools for clearing and activation purposes. These can include sound healing, energy clearing, chakra balacing, placement of crystals and sometimes movement.

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