Personal Sessions

Awakening your own innate power is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself! Through shamanic healing practices, we can access the inner wisdom that drives us, heals us, and gives us new direction when we’re grounded in our authentic self.

Return to Self: Soul Retrieval:  We will focus on clearing the energy field, engage in soul retrieval work, and create a new path to achieving your goals. Each session is unique in it’s own way, as is each individual’s journey. I invite you join me in sacred space to build something new for yourself. This is an unfolding process and three sessions are the general recommendation – one builds on the next.

Spiritual Awakening Support Sessions: This format is for those seeking assistance in their spiritual journey. We will use the session time of one hour to discuss old wounds & ways to transform through them, work through blockages, utilize spiritual tools for self-empowerment, uncover soul level passions and purpose. We will dig deeper and work together to forge a new way forward in authenticity and compassion.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, I would love to hear from you!

A little bit about the way I work: I do not call myself a shaman, nor do I practice any one culture-specific technique. The shamanic practices I access with the support of spirit are cross-cultural, or the essence of shamanic healing practices world wide. I am trained in core shamanism, in the tools that all shamanic healers have used world wide through the ages. The term “shamanic practitioner” has been adopted by modern/urban practitioners to respectfully differentiate from the indigenous shaman. Shamanic practice is critical to our complex and challenging times, utilizing these spiritual tools to gain access to more authentic, healthy living is top priority. My intention is to always offer compassionate healing assistance. ❤