Journey Workshop
Self-empowerment through self-revelation! Learn how to journey and meet your spirit guides, power animals, ancestors and more. With the help of a steady drum beat to shift your consciousness much like deep meditation, you will learn to travel to the unseen realm. It is in this energetic realm that our spirit helpers reside, ready to help us on our path through life. Here you can ask questions, receive healing and gain clarity. These journeys are deeply profound and transformative. Build lasting relationships with your helpers and claim your right to self source your personal evolution.

In this group, you can expect a similar atmosphere to meditation, we will ground into the moment, come to center, and relax to live drumming. I will initiate the journey through spoken word like a guided meditation and then you will continue on for a short time. You may wish to dress comfortably and bring with you: pen and paper/journal, a scarf, bandana or other eye cover, and any items you want to make a comfy nest on the floor for yourself like a yoga mat, small blanket, pillow. Feel free to bring any items that make you feel connected to spirit like a favorite stone or totem.

Join us for this empowering group experience!

are you interested in hosting a private group journey in your home with friends? Contact me for more info!

Be Free Journal Workshop
Be Free is about processing through situations (often earlier in life) that create programmed patterns in our life, with the purpose of releasing what no longer serves us. We identify these as “triggers” now – we will ask ourselves, what triggers me? Why? This 3 part workshop is a great format for creating sacred space and digesting inner work together. There is great power in groups when we come together with a shared intention. We can be inspired and uplifted by others and have the opportunity to inspire and uplift! Through the course of the workshop, we will journey and journal. We will self identify core wounds, patterns, gifts and learn self sourcing to take back your power. Ownership is the key and we will unlock the doors! It’s up to you how much you wish to share to the group, and you will have multiple opportunities to journal quietly throughout. No matter where you are in your sacred journey of inner work, all are welcome.

Day 1: Dissecting Triggers
Day 2: Ownership & Gifts
Day 3: Take Your Power Back

Much like journey workshops, we will create a relaxing, welcoming environment. Dress comfortable, bring your eye cover, sacred items, favorite pen and your journal. We will alternate between journeying, journaling and sacred council.

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