Land and Home Energy Clearing

Use the contact form to schedule an energy clearing session for your home, office or land!

In these challenging times, we must do all we can to heal this earth and her people. This starts with love, compassion and the understanding that we have the innate ability within us to change it.

With land and home energy clearing, we will work together to raise the vibration in your home and on your land. We begin by calling in our loving ancestors and helping spirits, to assist us in this work and move through each room, to transform the energy from stuck to vibrant and supportive. We will set the intention to cultivate a connection with your space, consciously creating a more positive environment.

Reasons why people seek ceremonial clearing of the home:

  • moved into a new home (or office/business)
  • illness
  • divorce
  • discord in the home
  • never done it before
  • land that is inactive or filled with pests, poison ivy, etc.
  • land that has been exposed to toxins
  • simply the feeling of needing to raise the energy!
  • desire to restore right relationship with home and land

You may feel that there’s an uncomfortable or stuck energy in your space and are in need of assistance. With the assistance of loving helping spirits and a few good tools, I will bring this ancient ceremonial energy movement to your space that is in need of clearing. We will work together to transform the energy of your home into sacred space.

Your land may be energetically dormant or otherwise unwell. Much like ourselves, the land spirit or spirits need to be recognized and honored. Using shamanic resources, I will come to understand what is going on in the spiritual aspect of your space. Some land may need help reviving it’s power, if it’s long been ignored or forgotten. There is something to be said about people coming together to raise the energy in a space and the genuine desire to connect with the spiritual aspect. I will work with you as we move the energy around and allow transformation to occur.

If you’re feeling like this may be something your land, home, or business needs, please reach out to me!