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Shamanic Healing

Expand your soul landscape, heal old wounds, clear blockages, and claim your divine right to wholeness. Through shamanic healing practices, we can access the inner wisdom that drives us, heals us, and gives us new direction when we’re grounded in our authentic self. With authenticity, comes great satisfaction and joy. We will journey & clear blockages, follow threads and patterns. and create a clear path forward for growth.

Sound Healing

Simply relax and receive, and allow the healing sounds to wash over you and raise your vibration, bringing your cells to a joyful attunement. Also offering private group sound healing parties at your home – invite your closest friends & family to relax together.

Make Your Space Sacred

We make your space sacred through ceremony. We will work together to raise the vibration in your home and on your land. We begin by calling in our loving ancestors and helping spirits, to assist us in this work and move through each room, to transform the energy from stuck to vibrant and supportive. We will set the intention to cultivate a connection with your space, consciously creating a more positive environment. We will get onto your land and connect with the spirit of that place. You can learn more here.


Learn the sacred practice of the shamanic journey, delve into sacred inner work, find your power and reclaim it. Group workshops are inspirational and transformative with the power of shared intention. We are our own best healer. Read More Here.

Beyond Quantum Healing

Consciousness Exploration through guided hypnosis! Maybe you’ve heard of past life regression – that’s where Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique began. Candace Craw-Goldman’s Beyond Quantum Healing Technique expands upon this to be inclusive and progressive for the quantum world we are living in. As we journey through your lives or experiences, we will explore your soul landscape. Some find themselves in the Akashic Records, some explore a parallel life, lives in other dimensions, and so much more – the possibilities for discovery are unlimited. The Quantum Healing technique accesses the person’s Higher Self to receive answers and relief from emotional and physical problems. Your higher self knows your best interest, and will go to the most appropriate time and place to answer any requests for healing or necessary information. Sessions are experienced in two parts: first we discuss your healing goals and questions you have for your higher self, then we will dive into the hypnosis session.

I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

I started my journey as a child, dancing with angels and running with the ancestors of the land. Those deep connections stayed with me throughout my life as I continue the sacred dance. I participated in an internship program in Vermont to grow into my role as shamanic practitioner. I am also attuned to Reiki & trained in the hypnosis higher self regression therapy known as Beyond Quantum Healing. I believe in showing others the way to self-sourced healing and empowerment. The shamanic practices I access by the grace of spirit, are cross cultural, or the essence of shamanic practices world wide. I am trained in core shamanism, in the tools that shamanic healers have used throughout the ages. The term shamanic practitioner has been adopted by modern/urban practitioners to respectfully differentiate from the indigenous shaman. Shamanic practice is critical to our complex and challenging times, drawing on earth connection to create a more authentic, healthy society is top priority. My intention is to always offer compassionate healing assistance. I look forward to working with you!

All Love, Amy

Let’s build something great together.

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