I am a healer…

I am a healer. My own healer. I choose the avenues that I drive my body vehicle down. I don’t have to engage with harmful energies, foods, experiences if I don’t want to. I have the ability to take responsibility for my own self – my awakened self. I take responsibility for my thoughts, always, as they generate my perception of my reality.

I think if anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that there really are two sides to every coin. We can see the dark or we can choose to see the light in all things. Seeing both sides of the coin is critical to shadow release. I see you, dark side, and I choose to see the light after transmuting the darkness. Release.

I choose to dive deeper into my experiences that created my soul tapestry across time and space.

Each and every experience has brought me to this very moment and made me the warrior I am today. All is sacred and true in this dance.

you are your own best healer.

Published by Higher Heart

Earth Worker

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