Earth’s Hidden Treasures + Higher Heart

I am so excited to announce I’ll be offering personal sessions and a journey workshop starting in March at Earth’s Hidden Treasures in Assonet, MA! It’s a beautiful metaphysical shop with so many wonderful items in store. The store has great vibes! They offer many different alternative therapies. I am really excited to be working with them.

I have limited availability for personal sessions, so contact me or the store at (508) 644-7398 to book a session. Better yet, stop in and visit their lovely store any time Tuesday through Sunday and book in store!

On March 28th from 5-6pm, I’ll be doing a shamanic journey workshop! Come join us in a group setting to learn how to journey and connect with your personal spirit guides. Journeying is an invaluable tool for better navigating these changing times.

Shamanic Healing Sessions:
Explore your soul landscape, heal old wounds and claim your divine right to wholeness. Each session is unique to the individual, as there are many shamanic techniques that may be called upon to bring about healing. These sessions will work through past wounds, outdated patterns that no longer serve your highest good, and reconnect with parts of the soul that are missing due to trauma. By appointment only.

Journey Circle Workshop:
Self-empowerment through self-revelation. Learn how to journey and meet your spirit guides, power animals, ancestors and more. With the help of a steady drum beat to shift your consciousness, you will learn to travel to the unseen realm of non-ordinary reality. It is in this energetic realm that our spirit helpers reside, waiting to help us on our path through life. We can ask questions, receive healing and gain clarity. These journeys are deeply profound and transformative. Build lasting relationships with your helpers. Join us for this empowering group experience!

Dress comfortably and please bring with you: pen and paper/journal, a scarf, bandana or other eye cover, and any items you want to make a comfy nest on the floor for yourself like a yoga mat, small blanket, pillow. Feel free to bring any items that make you feel connected to spirit like a favorite crystal or totem.

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