The Journey Within

It’s indescribable, really – that inner journey. Deeply personal, entirely unique. The freedom is unmatched, that which comes from reaching deep down into yourself, pulling back the layers of the onion, and uncovering your authentic self.

In the earliest stages of life, we are met with challenges. In our most primal development stages, we unknowingly came to face those first emotions: fear for survival, security. We needed closeness, warmth, food, to ensure our survival in this strange and new world, and relied on our village to provide that. When we begin to speak and interact with the world, we are met with questioning, people doubting us and our stories, telling us how to act and who to be. Surely, this is all part of growing up. But these moments can leave their impact on our hearts, buried deep in the psyche.

Along the way, we continue to compound these original wounds, unknowingly replicating scenarios where our needs aren’t met, where we fear for our survival, feel insecure, aren’t heard or listened to, and we stop saying what we mean. We have developed a pattern of pain, but we can change that – the cycle can end by looking at it for what it is, blessing it, and sending it on it’s way. Choose to be done.

By consciously choosing to heal these patterns, we can transform our lives. Simply choosing to grow beyond these events – you begin to work with the loving energy of the Earth and the magic of the Great Mystery. The journey unfolds perfectly with magic and mystery – the power is within you! You are all you need to access the Great Mystery within.

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