Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease. Who takes care of our spirit when it gets sick? We have doctors for the body, for the mind, and for the heart, but what do we do when our spirit is ailing? … Around the world and across many cultures, a person who deals with the spiritual aspect of illness is a shaman. A shaman diagnoses and treats illness, divines information, communicates and interacts with the spirit world, and occasionally acts as a psychopomp, that is, a person who helps souls cross over to the other world.
Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval – Mending the Fragmented Self


If you’re feeling dis-empowered, that something in your life is missing, and you’re ready to make a change in your life, you may find that soul retrieval work is exactly what you have been looking for. This is in depth work for those truly seeking to restore their power.

Soul Retrieval, along with power animal retrieval, is a cross-cultural healing technique that has been used by shamans around the planet for thousands of years in the event of traumatic experience. In ancient tribal cultures, the soul loss would be treated in this way within three days of the trauma.

Unlike the ancient tribal cultures, our society does not place importance on care for the soul. Consequently, soul loss creates more soul loss, as we tend to repeat painful patterns, because we are subconsciously searching for that loss in power. Many times, loss of power can cause us to feel depressed and even create physical symptoms in the body. When we reintegrate that lost power through soul retrieval work, we can continue on our journey to wholeness.

Most of us have had soul loss as we’ve made our way through life, beginning in childhood, sometimes even infancy. The outcomes of painful, traumatic experiences vary between each individual, but soul loss can be experienced when there’s been fear, injury or accidents, emotional or physical abuse, injury or death of loved ones, co-dependent relationships or any other event that causes shock or pain. What causes soul loss in one may not cause this in another. It is actually a survival mechanism, as the soul or our essence, sends a part of us away – out to the spirit realms, as to not experience the full force of that trauma. Soul loss is actually a good thing at the time of the trauma, as it is a protection measure of the psyche. What is important to know is that we can do the work to call our wholeness back.

The results will vary from person to person — but most commonly, people report feeling more present in their body, more empowered, more grounded, or having their joy returned to them. Many times, this can set you on the course to finding your soul’s purpose, giving your life deeper meaning.

Sometimes, feelings can come on strong after this work, so it’s important to have a support system in your life, if you find you need to work through those emotions. As a person begins to feel more whole, more present in their life, they may begin to see which patterns are disharmonious to their life, or out of balance. When we are numb, we may be aware that things are not right, but it is easy to distract ourselves and avoid getting to the core issue. When we are fully present, there is nowhere left to hide and we can face these patterns with full awareness and inspiration. The biggest benefit of soul retrieval will be the return of the gifts and power that belong to you. This is your right, as a spiritual being having a human experience.

When you decide this is right for you, we will spend some time talking about what brought you to this work and what your intentions are for yourself. I begin by doing an energy clearing to open up the inner windows that will facilitate your healing journey. This gives us insight on where to focus going forward. Next, I will preform the shamanic practice that brings these lost parts back. It is your choice if you wish to continue working with me, developing your own inner power, as I will share some of these shamanic tools with you at the second session and beyond.

Soul retrieval is not a quick fix – once the soul parts are brought back, that is when your work begins! We will work together to build on the return of your personal power and inner light. It is a beautiful process that unfolds in magical ways!


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