Leveling Up

This is too funny not to share. I’m sitting here thinking about my blogging hiatus, after I’d only just begun! I am thinking about what I could share here, as life is just one wild, personally-tailored ride, am I right? In my mind I’m thinking, “level up your consciousness, that’s a great jumping off point.” and so, I open the new blog page for the first time in many months. What does appear at the bottom of the new page? A pop up from WordPress, an alert that “a new editor is coming to level up your layout.” Ha! No greater prompt than a little synchronicity, huh? I see you there, spirit. You cute.

Synchronicity – it’s a wonderful sign from the intelligent Universe that you’re in the flow. The flow that lets you know, you’re on the right track – keep going!

I’ve been going through shifts of my own, counting down the days to a much anticipated move. We’re doing some leveling up of our own, moving to a peaceful place on lots of land, with plenty of opportunity for connecting and just enjoying this life giving Earth that supports us so kindly. This week has been full of get-it-done attitude: plowing forward, checking boxes and taking care of business. Divine Masculine is working well – rising up to the challenge of task and strategy. Divine Feminine works through compassion and doing it all with joy. Balance.

Amidst all the chaos of a growing checklist, I have noticed a new peacefulness about me. Something has changed. All the work I’ve put in, physically, emotionally, and spiritually over the last two years – through multiple hardships and many battles, this phase is finally coming to it’s nexus point. It’s a leveling up! Through the turmoil (at times) of inner work, you eventually hit the top of that hill, and find a new perspective. This will bring it’s own set of new work – a new hill, if you will – but with the tools acquired on the ascent up the hill, it all seems that more manageable. Life’s all about coping mechanisms, right? Well, those coping mechanisms are learned – only through dedication to self-development. For those interested in inner work and self-development or the art of being your best self – the goal is to move through the levels of consciousness that are required to perceive life in an increasingly more healthy and balanced perspective.

With every climb up a new hill of personal development for inner well-being, there’s new tools to acquire, new lessons to learn, and the reward is a new perspective. From that new perspective, you see something new: setting your sights on things previously unimagined by you, the creator of your reality. Each time we level up our consciousness, expanding our awareness, we do receive new challenges, but with that we have our new tools to master these challenges. With every hill, comes new gifts – leveling up. And you know, back when you were standing at the bottom of the hill, it was hard to see what was ahead; you could only see this towering hill before you. It can be daunting but soon enough the picture comes clear. Then you can look back and say, “wow, look at how far I’ve come.” And that, my friends, is the magic and mystery in our humanity. Being our best self, every day. Going deeper, speaking more truthfully, and living more authentically.

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