In The Dirt

20180331_131630My husband and I needed to move the garden bed for this growing season. The optimal sunlight has shifted, due to growth of trees since the original beds were placed. In the fall, we decided to try a “no-dig” gardening method experiment. We didn’t get too particular, followed some rough guidelines and went to it. We’ll see how effective we were come harvest time.

When I was researching no dig garden methods, I came across a stunning (to me) fact: in just one tablespoon of soil, there are 50 billion microbes. Soil is alive! In that moment, I was overwhelmed by the beauty, the miracle of life on earth. This forgotten dirt beneath our feet is so easily overlooked in our modern and busy lives. Quietly beneath us, life-giving soil has a life all it’s own. Billions of microbes all conspiring to bring forth life to all plants who grow within it.

Tending to and loving the land is more than the physical component; it’s also spiritual. Ask any gardener, getting out there just makes you feel good. There’s a mutual transfer of energy there – us to the land, and the land to us. It is grounding.

On the heels of winter, giving gratitude for the gifts of rest and introspection – we emerge feeling renewed, ready to greet spring with optimism and fresh energy. As the sun begins to shine a little longer and spring sets in, you can feel the hopefulness in the air. Time to get outside, feet to the ground, hands in the dirt, reconnecting with the earth in all her supportive energy. As we move through the seasons of our own lives, we are reminded of that upward, evolutionary spiral, allowing ourselves those feelings of renewal and optimism.

Have you connected with the spirits of your land? The soil, the trees, the elements, whatever may reside on your land, however you identify with that energy, it is there, waiting for you. When you quiet your mind, listen and connect, you may be surprised what you find in the stillness.

To cultivate that connection, you may consider creating a peaceful space in your yard to allow positive energy to flow in abundance – both to you and from you. Maybe a simple potted plant, a few stones you found on the beach, a garden bed if you like – something to say to your land, “thank you for being here.” The energy that comes from gratitude is incredibly potent for healing. For too long, the spiritual aspect of the land has been neglected. The first step in connecting with your space is offering your gratitude for the air, trees, the plants, the animals, all of nature that is present there. Whether your access point to nature is that little tree on your city block that always catches your eye, your favorite hiking trail, or your own yard, you can get in touch with the roots that assist you on that upward spiral.

You may find that setting up a sacred space in your yard encourages you to go outside and give thanks to your favorite piece of nature – no matter how big or small. Nature is all around us, supporting us, waiting for us to say hello. Immersing yourself in the energy of gratitude is healing for your heart, your soul, your whole self.

Go outside and find your sacred space to give thanks to all that supports us on our journey. ♥


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