In The Dirt

My husband and I needed to move the garden bed for this growing season. The optimal sunlight has shifted, due to growth of trees since the original beds were placed. In the fall, we decided to try a "no-dig" gardening method experiment. We didn't get too particular, followed some rough guidelines and went to it. …

Hidden Gifts in Human Darkness

Beautiful coverage by a beautiful soul, of the shadow we must all work with, love and bless.

Embracing Ubiquity

Note: Before I get into things, I want to mention that there are entire organizations dedicated to the Shadow and Shadow Work. There are books, lectures, podcasts, and plays even. What I’ve included here is my attempt to simplify and share some of the aspects that have stood out to me, or that I have personally found effective. Please (Please!), if you feel compelled, feel free to look into and explore other methods that are out there.

“Something we were withholding made us weak,
Until we found it was ourselves.”
-Robert Frost

As humans, we are multidimensional beings. To box ourselves up, categorize our nature, or identify as anything less than all that we are is to do ourselves a disservice. Unfortunately, this seems to be our present day society’s preferred method. In our ego-driven pursuits toward the ‘light’ side of human nature, we abandon (and paradoxically become saturated in)…

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The Journey Within

It's indescribable, really - that inner journey. Deeply personal, entirely unique. The freedom is unmatched, that which comes from reaching deep down into yourself, pulling back the layers of the onion, and uncovering your authentic self. In the earliest stages of life, we are met with challenges. In our most primal development stages, we unknowingly …